1. What are the grade levels you teach?
    • We aim to offer classes for elementary and middle school.
    • We have offered some pre-k classes but it depends on what people want to volunteer to teach and space availability.
    • We have had a parent volunteer to teach a high school class but there was no interest from parents in the co-op. However, we are always open to offer such classes in the future if you want to teach them!
  2. Where and when will classes take place?
    • Tuesdays at Sadie Park in Brandon, FL 9am-1pm (classes range between 30 and 50 minutes long each)
    • Thursdays at Gardenville Rec Center in Gibsonton, FL 9am-2pm (classes range between 30 and 50 minutes long each)
  3. Are parents required to teach?
    • No, but it is encouraged! In order for the co-op to be a success, we all need to pitch in anyway we can. Want to teach? Submit your idea for a class by contacting us!
    • Parents can also help in a variety of ways: help setup before classes, help break down and clean up after classes end, help with class transitions, help with presentation setup and clean up, sign up to be a class helper for teachers who might need an extra set of hands, make a new friend and help each other out, etc.
  4. How much does it cost to join the co-op?
    • Nothing. We do not charge a fee to join the co-op.
  5. How do I join the co-op?
    • We don’t require a formal application to join, but we suggest you stay informed by…
    • Connecting with us through this website (subscribe to the blog)
    • Connecting with us through facebook
    • Sending us an e-mail
  6. How much do classes cost?
    • There is a one-time $1.00/class administrative fee per course (there are 9 classes in one session – 8 instructional and 1 presentation day – you pay $9.00 if you only put your child in one class for the session), per student.Teachers also set their own supply fee for their classes – most are between $5 – $10 but some are more or less depending on the needs of the class.
    • The Co-op administrative fee is non-refundable. This fee helps us pay for background checks, supplies, presentation refreshments, mailbox fees, taxes, state and federal registration fees, and any other costs that might arise. Organizers work full time as volunteers, without pay. Teachers volunteer their time, materials, and work as well.
    • To inquire about a refund for additional class/materials, please contact the class instructor directly.
  7. How do I register for classes?
    • We will post available classes on our online registration portal and will make the link available to blog subscribers and members of our closed facebook group.
  8. When will registration open?
    • Stay informed about upcoming registration by:
    • Connecting with us through this website (subscribe to the blog)
    • Connecting with us through facebook
    • Sending us an e-mail
  9. Who teaches the classes? Do you have to be a certified teacher?
    • We offer classes taught by volunteer teachers (other homeschool parents and guardians). Teacher certifications are not required. Background checks are required of all teachers.
  10. Is this a drop-off program?
    • This is not a drop off program. A parent must stay on-site while the child is in classes.
    • Some parents do wait in their car if the little one needs quiet time or nap time. This counts as staying on site.
  11. What do parents with young kids normally do with their young ones?
    • In Brandon, parents often have the younger kids on the playground or outside running around if the weather is nice. There is a pavilion outside that they hang out under and talk or feed the kids. Sometimes they will have the kids do activities. When the weather is not so nice – or the kids need a break from the heat then they hang out in the lobby.
    • If a parent is teaching, then they have another parent watch their child while they are busy.
    • The fall 2018 will be our first time at Gardenville. There is also a playground and outside space there and then we will be using half of the multipurpose room as a parent waiting area.
  12. Do you have to sign your kids up for all of the hours 9am-1, or can you choose just one or two?
    • You can pick any number of classes that works for you.