anita Morales small file Anita Morales – Co-Op Organizer & Instructor

I have a Bachelors in Computer Science and it was my main career path until 2003.  At that point, I became a realtor and then a property manager.  I find both of these careers very fulfilling and continue to do them on a part-time basis.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I started homeschooling my daughter in October 2015 and my son in 2017.  So far it has been an interesting and satisfying journey for us.  We use online curriculum as our core curriculum but also have lots of extra-curricular activities.  Through all of these various activities, I have seen my kids blossom.

We started this co-op for several reasons but mainly because there are many co-ops in the area but unfortunately they require you to sign a statement of faith or they may be too expensive.  I want a place where people feel comfortable being at without worrying about what each other’s beliefs are.  I also want a place where people can learn from each other without costing so much.

We have already seen this co-op blossom and grow beyond our dreams.  We will continue to try to meet our homeschool community’s needs and our community as a whole as much as we can.  My personal dream is to have a large community center that the community can use at a low-cost.

If there is anything that you can think of that we can add or change, please let us know.  We cannot do this without all of you.


Teresa Berry Beebe – Co-op Organizer & Instructor

Teresa is a graduate from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Genetics and a minor in Biochemistry.  

In addition to working in biological research in academia and the pharmaceutical industry, she worked for the YMCA full time as an Aquatics and Risk Management Director.  She has taught/coached swimming for over 20 years and still holds certifications as a Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid instructor.

Teresa has homeschooled her 9 yo son since the beginning and is in her fourth year.  Prior to moving to Florida, she lived in Virginia where she was co-leader of a large homeschooling group as well as the the Navigators scouting group. She also organized/taught a nature club and a book club and was very active in the homeschooling community.


HIPPY Graduate Mom - Dawn Ivey.jpg

Dawn Ivey – Co-op Organizer & Instructor

I graduated from Stetson University with a degree in Business Administration and minors in Business Law and Information Technology. I worked doing desktop support and process management documentation until deciding to stay home with my daughter in September 2010. In September 2013, I returned to work part-time while my daughter attended VPK. My daughter attended a public school for Kindergarten and was pulled right before 1st grade to start homeschooling. As I continued to work part-time, we started off using FLVS part-time. This turned out not to be the solution for us and we transitioned to using MobyMax as a base. We supplement with both online and printed resources as well as classes in the community. After 1 year of trying to work part-time and homeschool my daughter, I resigned so that I could focus on her education.

We didn’t originally intend to be homeschoolers but have been enjoying the journey thus far. I love to learn about resources in our community and share what I have learned about homeschooling and community resources with others.


IMG_0819Marion Haase – Co-op Organizer & Instructor

I’m a Neurologic Music Therapist with 10+ years clinical and teaching experience with a wide range of age groups. I have a Bachelors Masters degree in Music Therapy, and am Co-Founder of a budding company. Music is my life (2nd only to my kid!). It is the ultimate organizer with its temporal structure, harmonic densities, and multidimensional expressiveness. As a music therapist, my aim is to engage people in music to provide ample opportunities for growth in all areas of their lives. We are musical creatures – we have created music since prehistoric times because we NEED music. What intrigues me the most is the science behind the physical, psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of music.

In terms of homeschooling, I’m a beginner. My child is 4 years old and I like to claim that I’ve been nurturing her learning and growth since the womb. I have an eclectic approach to homeschooling and am adamant about multilingualism, creativity, scientific inquiry, and real-world skills and knowledge. I like to learn about other families’ approaches and am happy to see that we have such a supportive community in our backyard!