Fall 2017 Registration is OPEN!

Please follow this link to register for our Fall 2017 classes! Space is limited. Please sign up for the wait list if the class is full (on eventbrite, it will say “registration closed” but you can still sign up for the wait list).

Our classes include

  • Dinosaur Exploration (K-3rd)
  • Detective Science (4th grade and up)
  • Art (ages 5 and up)
  • Music Makers I (ages 4 and up)
  • Crazy 8’s Math Club (K-2nd)
  • Music Makers II (ages 6 and up)
  • Jugando Aprendemos (We learn [Spanish] by playing) (4 and up)

Dates and Times: EVERY TUESDAY 9am-1pm, September 5th – October 31st (presentation day will be October 31st)

Class Fee (Payable to the instructor): A one-time class fee (different for each class). This fee is payable to the instructor directly. You will be contacted once the class registration period is closed. 

Co-op Admin Fee (Payable to the Co-op): $9.00/student (one-time fee) due 2 days upon regsitering for the class (via PayPal). Follow these steps:

1) use PayPal to transfer the $9 admin fee to brandonlearningcoop@gmail.com. (Please send the payment as a friend).  

2) Include the course and child that you are paying for in the notes.  

If you have an issue using PayPal, please contact us at brandonlearningcoop@gmail.com.

Question? Comments? Please Contact Us: brandonlearningcoop@gmail.com

Fall 2017 Class Preview!

So far, these are the cool classes we have planned for the Fall of 2017! Stay tuned, there may be more! If you want to teach, please fill out this form. If you want to receive updates, subscribe to this blog and/or join the Facebook group!


Music Makers I

Music Makers II


Jugando Aprendemos (Spanish)

Detective Science

The ART of Reading

Crazy 8’s Math Club


Questions? Comments? Contact us!

Fall 2017 Class Submission Form

We are busy using whatever spare time we have to get things setup for the Fall 2017 semester, and, luckily for us, many parents and family members have expressed interest in teaching classes! (thank you!)

The process is easy, we have to start with…


Fill it out if you are interested in teaching a class.

Once all the details are sorted out, we will be ready to put the classes on eventbrite so families can sign their kids up for the fall. It couldn’t be easier!


Spring 2017 Presentations!

Time has flown by! We have just finished our sixth week of classes.  We have two more weeks left!

The students will be presenting what they’ve learned on our last day.

The presentations on February 28th will take place at 9:30-11:30.  We would like everyone to arrive between 9:15am and 9:25am.

Feel free to invite extended family and friends so they can see the kids, too!  After the presentations,  we will be having refreshments,  so please contact us to let us know how many will be attending.