Fall 2018: Homeschool P.E. & Co-op Registration Closing Soon!

In this post: TWO important pieces of information!

  1. Fall 2018 Registration for classes at Gardenville and Brandon will close soon!

Classes that still have spots available:

Brandon, Tuesdays

Data, Probability and Statistics (10y.o., 4th+)

Where in the World? (10y.o.+, 4th+)


Gardenville, Thursdays

Art History and Creativity (8y.o.+, 3rd-5th)

Creative Writing (10y.o.+, 4th+)

Fiber Arts (9-14y.o, 3rd+)

Florida History (8y.o.+, 3rd+)

Intermediate Conversational Spanish (9y.o.+, 3rd+)

Spanish Mundo (5-7y.o., K-2nd)

Tempo Buckets (10-14y.o., 5th-8th)

  1. Gardenville Rec Center will be offering another Homeschool P.E. class on Wednesdays. It will begin September 12th, 2018. They have not set up their portal for registration but as soon as it’s up, we will be sure to let everyone know!


Heads up! Fall 2018 Presentation Day Change (for Brandon)

We have encountered another hiccup with our Brandon site.
On  Tuesday Nov 6, 2018 (the final day of classes/presentation day) the Brandon Rec. Center at Sadie Park will be used as a voting site so our usual space will not be available to us for our Presentation Day.
We will combining the Brandon presentation day with the Gardenville presentation day on Thursday Nov 8th, 2018 (instead of Tuesday Nov. 6th, 2018).
(Gardenville Rec Center: 6215 Symmes Rd, Gibsonton, FL 33534)
We know that many of you have full schedules and this change may present some challenges, but hopefully we are giving you ample notice to make it to presentation day!
Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are looking forward to the new semester and seeing all the families continue to embrace and partake in learning as a community effort!

Sewing Class Registration opens MONDAY 7/9/2018

The American Sewing Guild volunteers its services at the Community Center as long as they can get the space and volunteers from their local Chapter.  They don’t charge for the sewing camp.  Their mission statement is “Advancing Sewing as an Art and Life Skill”. 


When: Class starts Sept. 10th, 2018 (Mondays) for 8 weeks

Time: from 10am-noon

Ages: kids aged 10+ (Exceptions for 9 year olds that can stay focused on sewing for 2 hours.).

Price: Free at Sadie park

Who: led by American Sewing Guild


Registration Link (registration opens Monday July 9th, 2018 at 9am)


WE STILL HAVE SPOTS (Fall 2018 Registration)

We still have some spots left in some classes! The descriptions are below. Follow THIS LINK to register!

We also have waitlists for classes that are full, so be sure to get on the list!


Brandon and Gardenville (Riverview), Tuesdays and Thursdays, September-November, 2018.


Brandon Sadie Park

Dates: Tuesdays, September 11th, 2018 – November 6th, 2018 (Presentation Day will be 11/6)
Location: Sadie Park (510 E. Sadie St, Brandon, FL)
Ages/grades: 5 y.o. and up; elementary and middle school
Cost: $9 for 9-week session (per class, per child). Additional materials fee $0-25 payable to teachers directly.

Crazy 8’s Upper Grades: Season 2: 1 spot left!


Age group:  8-11 yrs old (3rd-5th)

Materials fee: $5 (one-time fee, payable to the teacher on the first day of class)

Max # of students:12  students

Description:Crazy 8s is a super fun math club that will get your child excited to learn. We will race, jump, build, dance, and have some friendly competition all while learning math! Students should be able to multiply, skip count, and measure at a basic level. We work in small groups or as a whole group to work on fractions, creating 3D shapes, counting money, making patterns, measuring with our feet and more.

Teacher: Jennifer Gabot

Data, Probability, & Statistics: 4 spots left!


Age group: 10 yrs old and up (4th grade and up)

Materials fee: $ 5 (one-time fee, payable to the teacher on the first day of class)

Max # of students: 12  students

Description:Students should have a good knowledge of multiplication and division before signing up for this class. We will look at the many ways in which this type of math influences our life. There will be a final project with given guidelines.

Teacher: Judi Quinn

Our Earth Rocks: 6 spots left!


Age group: 8-11 yrs old (3rd-5th grade)

Materials fee: $10 There will also be a small supply list coming out for a few recycled items we will need. Parents will be notified as soon as possible. (one-time fee, payable to the teacher on the first day of class)

Max # of students: 15 students

Description: Get down to earth and learn about the rocks and minerals that make up our wonderful planet. This class will focus heavily on rock and land formation along with properties of rocks and minerals.

Teacher: Erin Powers

Where in the World: 5 spots left!


Age group:  10 yrs old and up (4th grade and up)

Materials fee: $8 (one-time fee, payable to the teacher on the first day of class)

Max # of students: 12  students

Description: What is the longest river? the highest waterfall? largest desert? Find out in this fun filled class while exploring cultures around the world. Each student will do an in depth study of a country with provided guidelines.

Teacher: Judi Quinn

Gardenville Rec Center 

Dates: Thursdays, September 13th, 2018 – November 8th, 2018 (Presentation Day will be 11/8)
Location: Gardenville Rec Center (11514 Corwin St, Gibsonton, FL)
Ages/grades: 5 y.o. and up; elementary and middle school
Cost: Each class costs $9/child for a 9-week session. Additional materials fee $0-25 payable to teachers directly.

Art History and Creativity: 8 spots left!


Age group: 8 yrs old and up (3rd – 5th grade)

Materials fee: $25.00 with siblings discount of $5.00 (one-time fee, payable to the teacher on the first day of class)

Max # of students: 12 students

Description: We will explore the art and history of different nations and time periods every week. Students will have the opportunity to create a piece of art each week. This class will create opportunities for self guided creativity. Students will be encouraged to doodle/draw in sketchbooks outside of the classroom. The goal is for each student to develop a love for art, history and confidence in their ability to create with little direction.

Teacher: Suzette Foister


Creative Writing: 7 spots left!


Age group: 10 yrs old and up (4th grade and up)

Materials fee: $5.00 (one-time fee, payable to the teacher on the first day of class)

Max # of students: 12 students

Description: This is a repeat of Spring 2 class. We will look at word choice and style for different writing audiences. Have fun while improving your writing in creative ways.

Teacher: Judi Quinn

 Fiber Arts: 9 spots left!


Age group: 9-14 yrs old (3rd grade and up)

Materials fee: $25 (one-time fee, payable to the teacher on the first day of class)

Max # of students: 12 students

Description:Children will create with their hands using embroidery thread, yarn, fabric & other related items. Possible activities include hand sewing, tie-dying, weaving, embroidery and finger knitting.

Teacher: Cat Fialla

Florida History: 9 spots left!


Age group: 8 years old and up (3rd – 5th grade)

Materials fee: none

Max # of students: 15 students

Description: Our students will be making Florida Lap Books. Each student will make their own. There will be reading, writing, coloring & creating. We will learn about the first settlers and create a timeline and some of the tools they used in their day.

Teacher: Olivia Sutherland


Intermediate Conversational Spanish: 8 spots left!


Age group: 9+ with consideration for those with prior experience (3rd grade +)

Materials fee: $2.00 (one-time fee, payable to the teacher on the first day of class)

Max # of students: 14 students

Description: This class is designed to offer opportunities for Spanish students to utilize the vocabulary they already know in complete sentences and phrases. Emphasis will be on understanding some grammar by conjugating some verbs and learning important different word usages (such as “ser/estar”). Students will be reading, writing, and speaking in Spanish; parents will need to provide folders with pockets, paper, and tabs to hold the paper and folders for their students. Vocabulary lists will be provided after registration so students can review and study over the summer the basic necessary language before class. Parents needing a list prior to registration to access their childs’ abilities can email me. Students need to be able to write without assistance, and if is a beginner, need to be of a maturity that they can learn the necessities for conversation over the summer

Teacher: Cynthia Green

Poetry: 4 spots left!


Age group: 6-8 yrs old (1st-2nd grade)

Materials fee: $2.00 (one-time fee, payable to the teacher on the first day of class)

Max # of students: 15 students

Description: We will learn about different types of poetry each week and create new poems together as a class.

Teacher: Ruby Mumo

Spanish Mundo: 6 spots left!


Age group: 5-7 yrs old (K-2nd)

Materials fee: $5 (one-time fee, payable to the teacher on the first day of class)

Max # of students: 12 students

Description:Learn about a different Spanish-speaking country each week (geography, culture, music, food, vocabulary) while practicing common phrases. At the end of the semester, each child will present a poster or project about a country of their choice.

Teacher: Marion Haase

Tempo Buckets: 2 spots left!


Age group: 10 – 14 yrs old (5th – 8th grade)

Materials fee: $6.00 (one-time fee, payable to the teacher on the first day of class)

Max # of students: 12 students

Description: Learn about music, performance, rhythm, choreography, and more using 5 gallon paint buckets as your primary instrument, as well as real drum sticks. Other auxiliary percussion will be included as well as some pitched instruments. Students will do a performance at the end of the semester.

Teacher: Marion Haase

We The People: 2 spots left!


Age group: 10 yrs old and up (4th grade and up)

Materials fee: $8.00 (one-time fee, payable to the teacher on the first day of class)

Max # of students: 12 students

Description: This is an introduction to government and the Bill of Rights. We will discuss the three branches of government, as well as the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

Teacher: Judi Quinn

Registration Woes: We hear and understand you…please take a moment hear us out

It’s unfortunate some families haven’t been able to sign up for classes, and we hear your frustration.

We are in a constant state of growth and evolving to reach as many families as possible while still maintaining our classes affordable and accessible to the community. Our growth has been exponential in just a couple of years, and we are just now able to scrape together enough money to become a 501c3 entity (still in the works) which would help us acquire more space at an affordable price.

It has to be reiterated that NOBODY gets paid. We (the administrators) work day and night to keep the co-op functioning, along with our jobs, homeschooling, and many other obligations we attend to.

We are so grateful to our teachers who carve out 9+ weeks of their time to make this co-op happen. We know for a fact (being both administrators AND teachers) that even the materials fees don’t cover the costs we incur. But it is extremely obvious everyone who teaches does it with the utmost love and dedication, therefore, providing them with first dibs is the least we can do for their volunteered time, materials, expertise, efforts, and energy.

We’ve been able to expand to a second location, opening more classes on a second day of the week. At the last minute we had to take classes off the table for Brandon due to the county’s decision to make renovations to the building, so that was another issue we incurred.

With the small fee we charge ($1 per class) we barely cover the cost of paying for:

  • the facilities
  • background checks
  • business registration costs
  • tax-related costs
  • presentation day costs
  • and anything else that might arise


We only ask that you stand by and understand that we are working hard to keep up with the demand but do not want to lose sight of the co-operative vision we have set forth for our organization and do not want to increase costs for families.

We hear you loud and clear and this is definitely in the forefront of our strategic efforts, and thank you for your honesty and openness. Please do not feel you are not heard and do stay tuned for upcoming changes and improvements!

2018 Fall Registration opens TOMORROW (JULY 2nd, 2018)

Hello families! We are excited to announce that our Fall 2018 registration will open tomorrow, July 2nd, at 9am!

Registration will open for the Gardenville and Brandon sites for the public. To speed up the process, we recommend you visit the portal and create a family account prior to registration opening.

CLICK HERE to access the registration site

This is a new registration portal for us, so we have created an F.A.Q. pdf for families to follow when creating an account and registering for classes:

registration faq

UPDATED Class Preview (Fall 2018)

Due to upcoming renovations at Sadie Park, we have had to shift a few things around. Attached, please find our UPDATED Fall 2018 Class Schedule.

Updated Fall 2018 schedule


Tentative registration dates: 

June 18th: TEACHERS & SITE SUPERVISORS (we are still in need of site supervisors!).

June 25th: FALL 2017 & SPRING 2018 FAMILIES (only Brandon site will be available for registration on this date for these families).

July 2nd: REGISTRATION FOR EVERYONE (Both Gardenville and Brandon sites)


Fall 2018 – Please Stand By!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are having to re-structure our class schedules for the Fall of 2018.

Sadie Park has been our home for the past two years! The county has approved renovations to be started in the Fall of 2018 (yay!) but this means we will be sharing the other building and have fewer rooms we can use.

Due to the renovations we will only have two rooms from 9am-2pm on Tuesdays at Sadie Park. We are having to shift a lot of classes around in order to accommodate the needs of our wonderful volunteer teachers and to fulfill the needs of our community.

Please stay tuned! We will have registrations available as soon as we have this all squared away!

Thank you for your patience!

(temporarily unavailable) Fall 2018 Class Preview! (Registration begins June, stay tuned!)

June 4th, 2018 UPDATE: Due to unforeseen circumstances we have taken down the class previews while we reconfigure the Fall 2018 schedule at Brandon. For more details, please click here.

You might find some typos…we’re juggling a lot of things at the moment, but the important info is on there!

Registration will start in June, stay tuned!

Two locations, new classes! Woo!

Brandon: Tuesdays 9am-2pm, September 11th, 2018 – November 6th, 2018

Gardenville: Thursdays 9am-2pm, September 13th, 2018 – November 8th, 2018


click on this link: fall 2018 class previews

Volunteer Site Supervisors Needed!

Hello everyone!

We are in great need of volunteer supervisors for our two co-op locations! Follow this link to apply!

PERK: If you are picked, you get to register with the teachers for the site where you would work!

Job Description:
– Be responsible for each attendance card for each class. Cards must be handed to teachers prior to class and received back immediately after class. Verify card has been completed for the day.
– Call students in when classes are starting.
– Make sure setup and break down crews complete their tasks.
– Be responsible for first aid kit (not to administer but to hand to parents if anything is needed)
– Act as initial point of contact for teachers if they have an issue in their classroom while teaching.
– Be on site during the whole co-op day (15 mins prior to start of first classes, remain until everything is put back in its place).
– Must be able to be fully focused on co-op responsibilities. So, if the site supervisor has kids that are not in classes, must have another parent responsible for them during those times.
– Cannot be a teacher at the site that you want to be the site supervisor.
– Assist in preparation for presentation day (communication with teachers, signup genius)


– If you are picked for an interview, you must be available at one of the times below:
Sadie Park (Brandon): Tuesday May 8th @ 9:15 AM – 9:45 AM
Sadie Park (Brandon): Tuesday May 8th @ 1 PM – 2 PM
Gardenville Park (Gibsonton): Wednesday May 9th @ 10 AM – 10:45 AM
Online (using Google Hangouts): Friday May 11th @ 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM


Teacher Meeting:
– If you are picked as site supervisor, you need to be available to come on May 14th at 10am to Sadie Park (Brandon).