PLEASE READ: Update About Our Status With The County (5/9/19)

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  • We have a meeting scheduled with county officials!
  • Don’t forget the Alliance meeting May 21st, 2019 @2:30 p.m. at Brandon Library!
  • Commissioner’s meeting on 5/15/19 does not have our issues on its agenda, we will hold off attending that meeting.
  • Stay tuned in case we do need to attend future meetings!
  • We need your help! Send us info about places we could use in the community! Please reach out to your resources.

Organizers will be meeting with county officials:

We would like to inform everyone that our efforts have not been in vain! We have had great response from the county officials and they requested an in-person meeting with the organizers!

We are confident this meeting will provide us with the information we need in order to come up with appropriate plans of action for the Alliance.

Don’t forget our meeting! 5/21/19

We look forward to our Alliance meeting May 21st, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. at Brandon Library, where we will provide you with all the information we gather from meeting with County officials.

At this time, we believe it is best to continue the conversation with the county decision-makers who have demonstrated an interest in working with us, and afterwards discuss with you if we still have a need to be present in a future’s Commissioner’s meeting.

Hold off on attending commissioner’s meeting 5/15/19!

Based on the commissioner’s agenda (as of today), it does not look like budgeting would be an item of discussion, and we have been made aware of the fact that these budgeting decisions are internal within the Parks and Rec department.

We do not dissuade you from being active participants in our community and representing our community at the commissioner’s meeting on the 15th, but based on incomplete information as well as current planned agenda items, we don’t feel like this would be best use of everyone’s time and effort to bring our concerns to the county commissioners.

Stay tuned in case we need to attend a meeting, though!

We may need you to attend a future meeting depending on the outcome with our meeting with the park.

Help us find alternative locations!

Please continue to reach out to your community. Some families have provided us with potential locations where we might be able to continue programs if the county facilities are no longer an option in the future. If you can provide us with the basic facility information and a contact person to call, we can do the rest!

Send us your leads!


ATTENTION: Fall 2019 Registration is Currently ON HOLD

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  • Changes are happening within the county, these could affect us. We are still waiting for details
  • Mark your calendar: Meeting set for Tuesday 5/21/19 2:30pm-3:30pm at Brandon Library, to discuss this. It’s an in-person event and will also be broadcast online.
  • Commissioner’s meeting will be 5/15/19 at 9am in Tampa.

We have been informed there will be changes within the County’s Parks and Rec Department that could potentially affect our ability to carry out our Fall 2019 Session at the Parks and Rec facilities.

At this time, we have no details about changes but have been told proposals will be reviewed and decided upon by the end of May.

Mark your calendar: We will be holding a meeting at Brandon Library on Tuesday May 21st, 2:30p.m.-3:30p.m.

The idea is to come together as a community to figure out alternatives and a plan-of-action to help maintain our momentum, continue nurturing our kids’ creativity and growth, and keep our community engaged in learning in a co-operative, inclusive, and affordable environment! If you cannot make it, we will also be broadcasting it live.

Alliance meeting agenda:

  • Inform everyone of any final decisions/details we can get from the county by the time we meet. We plan on attending/tuning in to the Commissioner’s Meeting 5/15/19 to gain more knowledge about county plans for our programs. (See details below)
  • Brainstorm possible alternative locations to carry out our low-cost/free programs.
  • Determine a plan of action that can be implemented by the officers, coordinators, and all the families.

Commissioner’s Meeting at the County Center Downtown Tampa (we don’t know yet if these proposals will be on the agenda for this particular meeting):

601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 2nd Floor Board Room

May 15th, 2019 – 9 a.m.

April 2019 Updates!

In this post:

  • Learning co-ops: small Class Registration Fee change.
  • Alliance Administrative Fee is now simplified!
  • Alliance Officers – LIVE online Q&A.

Homeschool Learning Co-op Class Registration Fee Change

Starting Fall 2019 the class registration fee will be $2.00 per week, per child (each class is part of a 9-18 week session, so each class will be $18-$36 depending on the number of weeks the class runs for).

This is a necessary increase to help us offset the cost of opening up a paid position for an On-Site Supervisor. It would be a small stipend, but we know from first-hand experience that it is a job that entails a substantial amount of time and responsibility, so we are hoping to provide some financial compensation to anyone able and qualified to take on the position.

Alliance Administrative Fee – Now Simplified!

We have encountered a lot of confusion regarding membership in the Alliance, the Administrative Fee, and what it entails. As we continue through this learning process, we are happy when we are able to simplify things for everyone!

Here’s the breakdown for the NEW Administrative Fee structure:

  • Everyone has to pay for the Alliance Administrative Fee. Regardless of what you are doing with the Alliance (e.g., Community Ensemble, Workshops, Field Trips, Learning Co-Ops), if you engage in any Alliance activity, you will need to pay the yearly fee (just once!).
  • This Administrative Fee entitles you to any of the above-mentioned activities and anything else that the Alliance puts together!
  • The fee amount:
    • $10.00/year for a single-child household
    • $20.00/year for a multi-child household

Alliance Officers LIVE Online Q&A

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A few weeks ago, the Alliance Officers faced their dislike of being in front of cameras and opened up the floor to our families and friends by conducting a LIVE Online Q&A session.

We definitely encountered some technical difficulties! But we were able to salvage most of the footage and learned a lot in the process in preparation for the next time!

We will be doing these LIVE Q&A regularly, so please be on the lookout for our next LIVE Online Q&A!

To watch the previous Q&A, please follow this link. If you have Facebook, you can see the second half of our video by clicking here (we had to switch to Facebook LIVE due to some difficulties we were facing!). Don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook Page, we need more likes so we can access all the tools Facebook gives pages with 1000 likes! We would be able to embed a calendar of events, make detailed polls, and other things that would make communication so much better!

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the YOUTUBE Channel (the more subscribers we have, the more things we as a community can do with YouTube!).

Don’t Forget to TUNE IN TOMORROW!

We (the organizers) are excited for the opportunity to engage in an open discussion with our wonderful community at the Alliance! We are all in this together, and want to know what you have in mind, your questions, feedback, and how we can all work together to continue our mission!

We are doing this LIVE YouTube feed so that we can have an interactive communication with everyone who can attend, since it is difficult to get in touch with everyone at one time.

We want to share with you about how we started, and where we stand now. Share our moments of joy and what we have learned from the not-so-easy moments! We continue to put in our efforts, hearts, and time as 100% volunteers, because we believe in our cause and we feel overjoyed to be a part of such a collaborative community!

So, tune in to our LIVE YouTube video where you can chime in with your thoughts and we will be able to answer in real time! Here are the details:


WhereOn our YouTube channel (Subscribe for future videos!)

When: This Thursday (4/4/19) at 11am!

If you can’t attend this interactive online forum, please send us your questions so we can answer them:

Tune In on Thursday! FAQ Live on YouTube(4/4/19)

Don’t miss it!


Where: On our YouTube channel (Subscribe for future videos!)

When: This Thursday at 11am!

Why: We will share our story, our humble beginnings, our incredible growth, and our vision for the future of the Alliance!

As we have grown, have had wonderful experiences as well as growing pains. Due to our limited free time and the many things we have going on, both as volunteers at the Alliance and in our daily lives, we have not had the opportunity to answer the questions you have and haven’t had the opportunity to open the floor for discussions and ideas.

We hope you will participate, ask all the questions we forget to answer, give your feedback, pitch your ideas, and let’s get to know one another because that’s the only way we can really function as a community!

If you are unable to attend but have a question or something to add to the discussion, we want to hear from you, so please email us at

Whales, Magic & Cheese… Oh My!

Tampa Theatre is hosting the Fantasy Theatre Factory for their production of Whales, Magic & Cheese… Oh My! This show is aimed at lower elementary children.

“Whales, Magic and Cheese… Oh My!” is FTF’s newest literacy incentive and bully prevention show. The story stars Jojo, a great kid who loves to read… That is until some kids in the lunchroom start calling him names like “bookworm.” To avoid the bullying, Jojo goes to Mendel’s Magical Book Shop, hoping that he can sell his books and use the money to buy video games, so he’ll fit in with the other kids. Once in the Magic Book Shop though, things take an unexpected turn as the stories in his books magically start to jump to life all around him! Now, all of the pages to Jojo’s books are blank and the characters from his books are running wild in real life! 

It’s up to Jojo to retell the stories to get his old friends to go back on the page. While Jojo works to get his favorite characters from his books to go back on to the pages they belong in, he remembers why he loves to read some much in the first place; It’s really FUN! Along the way Jojo starts to realize that all of his books have characters in them who are different, and that being different is what makes them special. 

This show artfully weaves its featured books into its thru-line to create a show that both encourages reading and celebrates diversity.

Program book selections include:

  • Not Your Typical Dragon by Dan Bar-el 
  • Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley 
  • If I Had a Gorilla by Mercer Mayer, and others.

Field Trip Details

  • Tampa Theatre
  • May 9th
  • Show starts at 10:45 AM
  • $6.50/person :: children and adults
  • Payment Deadline :: May 2nd @ 9 AM
  • RSVP & Pay (PayPal Friend & Family) ::
  • Please indicate which trip you are paying for in notes.

Field Trips are open to Alliance members only.  CLICK HERE to find out how to join. Family membership is only $10 a year! 

LEGO Robotics Coming Soon! TEACHERS NEEDED!!

The Alliance has been awarded its very first grant! Our non-profit status allows us to do more for our children and families! The Technical Assistance Grant from The Children’s Board of Hillsborough County will fund 8 LEGO Robotic Kits – (5 WeDo Core Kits & 3 Mindstorms EV3 Core Kits) and 5 laptops. With this generous grant we will expand our class offerings to include a progressive series of LEGO Robotics classes to build students’ skills in the areas of fine motor, critical thinking, teamwork, engineering, and problem solving.

LEGO Robotics classes start in our fall session. And we need teachers! If this sounds like something you can do, please contact Anita Morales, , who will be overseeing this program.

WeDo 2.0 – LEGO Robotics for K-3rd grade

WeDo 2.o is designed for grades K-3 and will deliver key science concepts to students in areas such as life, physical, earth, and space sciences as well as engineering while simultaneously teaching programming in an intuitive way. The curriculum builds upon itself and offers over 40 hours of instructional learning, which would allow for Level 2 classes to be offered in Spring 2020 so that students can continue building on previous engineering and programming knowledge.

Mindstorms EV3 – LEGO Robotics for 3rd – 8th grade

Mindstorms EV3 is engineered for grades 3rd – 8th. Students will learn science, technology, engineering, math, coding, and computer science using a variety of hands-on activities. More than 100 lessons have already been developed as part of the curriculum and this would allow for Level 2 classes to be offered in Spring 2020 so that students could continuing learning and moving forward in their engineering and programming skills.

We are so excited to be able to bring this amazing, engaging curriculum to our co-op! We need you to help make it happen. We plan to offer both levels at both locations, which means we need teachers! Our grant pays for all the curriculum and materials, we only need YOU! Anita Morales at will be overseeing this program as well as a support to teachers. Contact Anita if you have any questions about this class.

Teaching a co-op class is a great way to join the co-op and be in the first round of co-op registrations. Join us as we build and grow!

Zoo School Busch Gardens Field Trip

Zoo School is the ultimate educational experience for students grades K-5.

Explore the wild side of Busch Gardens as you enjoy self-guided tours of animal exhibits, investigate the adaptations of great apes through hands-on activity stations, and experience up-close exclusive animal encounters. It also includes a 30-45 minute Animal Encounter presentation geared towards grades K-5 where participants will be able to interact with the Animal Ambassadors. Take a break from your adventures to enjoy lunch at one of our restaurants or bring your own lunches from school. From 9:45 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., your students will be engaged in a one-of-a-kind educational experience you can only find at Busch Gardens!

Zoo School includes an Activity Guide with grade-based activities and animal information to help you make the most of your day. Due to the educational focus of the program, Busch Gardens’ rides, shows, and attractions are not included in Zoo School.

There is 1 date available

  • K+ – Friday, April 26th – RSVP and PAY by April 16th 5pm

*** $15 per person (Chaperones/parents as well). At this low rate please limit it to just the chaperone for the child and not additional family members.

*** You are responsible for parking. If you are not a Busch Gardens passport member, parking costs $25.

*** We will meet at 9/9:15 at the education gate and will be escorted in. You may bring your own lunch or purchase one from within the park at the vendors available.

*** Due to the nature of the course, the age is strict of grade K. No younger siblings for this trip.

Field Trips are open to Alliance members only.  CLICK HERE to find out how to join. Family membership is only $10 a year! 

Advanced Payment Required! To RSVP and PAY with PayPal Friends & Family use

Sun ‘n Fun Student Tour

Join us for an exciting experience at Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland!

Guided Tour at 10 am – 12 pm (end time approximate) on Friday April 5th. Only $2 per student!!! Payment due by Wednesday, March 20th. 

For only $2 per student, you get a guided educational walking tour of the Fly-In, the Museum, and Piedmont Aerospace Lab.

This tour also includes a meet ‘n greet with Blue Angel Pilots!!!

Tour does not include wristbands to expo/airshow.

Field Trips are open to Alliance members only. CLICK HERE to find out how to join. Family membership is only $10 a year!

Advanced Payment Required! To RSVP and PAY with PayPal Friends & Family use

Volunteer Teachers NEEDED: Class Submission Form is Now Open!

Teach with us! Come join our welcoming, inclusive family of homeschoolers! We’ve been growing steadily since 2016. We may be biased, but we believe we have the *best* group of kids and parents around! Teaching a co-op class comes with priority registration for classes. Our awesome, low-cost classes fill up quickly, so that’s a pretty good perk. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR CLASS PROPOSAL!

  • Do I need to have a degree in my field to teach a class? NO! Some of our teachers do, but many do not. You do not need to an expert to lead an excellent co-op class!
  • What kind of classes have been taught in the past? Art, music, Spanish, sign language, sciences, history, and more! Click Here to see a full list of past classes.

If you have an idea for a class, but are unsure about it or want to brainstorm, the board is always available to chat and give feedback.

Being a volunteer teacher is also a great way to get your children into classes as a new family. Many of our families have joined the co-op in this way. Our classes fill up fast! CLICK HERE to submit a class proposal.

READ ABOUT OUR STORY! We started small, and have grown exponentially! 100% volunteer work from EVERYONE INVOLVED has brought us to provide affordable and inclusive classes to many families, and now the Alliance for the Pursuit of Knowledge, Inc. is recognized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization! This organization makes our Homeschool Learning Co-op possible.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

Fall 2019 Class Submissions will be accepted until March 29, 2019. If you want to teach during a different semester, that’s also an option on the CLASS SUBMISSION FORM.

Please CLICK HERE to fill out our class submission form! You’ll find a full description on that form; please read it in full.

You DO NOT need to be a current member of the co-op or alliance 
to submit a class.

Being a volunteer teacher comes with fantastic perks!

  • First in line for registration!!!
  • Decide what you teach, how you teach it, and the ages you want to teach.
  • Lifelong learning for you and the children in your class

Questions? Contact Stephanie Brown,