Fundraising Updates! (Multi-Family Yard Sale, 5 Below, Amazon Smile, and Paypal)

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It is amazing how much our new Fundraiser Coordinator, Suzette Foister, has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time! If you get a chance, please let her know your gratitude for her time and efforts in making it possible for us to continue providing affordable, inclusive quality learning opportunities for the community!

There are MANY ways to show your gratitude and support Suzette’s efforts 🙂 …let us list the way:

#1 (ENDING FRIDAY!) Project Stocking Stuffer: Five Below Fundraiser

This link will take you to the Facebook event with details.

GET Your Stocking Stuffers on for a cause with the Alliance for the Pursuit of Knowledge! 

We are currently holding a FUNdRAISER Event At fiVe BELow Brandon (in Regency)


fiVe BEL O W carries stationery, school supplies, computer software, books,
electronic accessories, sporting goods, games, t-shirts, jewelry, hobbies, collectibles, bath
and body, candy, snacks and beverages, room décor, storage, seasonal items plus much
more! And everything is priced at $5 or less!

Dates: December 1 st through December 7th, 2018 (ENDS THIS FRIDAY!!)
Hours: 10a.m.-9p.m.
Location: 2424 W. Brandon Boulevard, Brandon, FL 33511

10% of the total dollars spent by our Organization will be donated BACK to us!
Please don’t forget to bring this flyer to the event so that we
get credit for your purchase! (Flyer in the event thread)

Be sure to bring this flyer when you shop at Five Below this week!

you can also download it here

Print the flyer and share with everyone you know!!!

#2 Multi-Family Yard sale!

As the donations continue to arrive, Suzette and volunteers have taken on the task of categorizing items in preparation for our big day!

You can still sign up to help! Contact us via email!

What: Fundraiser Multi-Family Yard Sale link

Date: Saturday December 8th

Time: 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Location: 1810 Powder Ridge Dr., Valrico, FL

Volunteers helping make signs for our big Multi-Family Fundraiser Yard Sale this weekend!

#3 Ongoing Opportunities for Making Donations

1. AmazonSmile will give us .5% of your purchases

If you are using Amazon for shopping for the holidays, be sure to go through the Amazon Smile program by using this link to shop. You will be prompted to select a charity to support, you can search for Alliance for the Pursuit of Knowledge (type in “Pursuit of Knowledge” for better search results) and then select it. 

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as on Amazon. The difference is that when customers shop on AmazonSmile (, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organizations selected by customers.

2. Donate Via PayPal

Image result for paypal donation

You can now make donations directly to us via PayPal using this link

3. BoxTops for Education (we get 10 cents for each clip!)

  • Every clip counts! Do you have BoxTops you can give us?
  • Contact us so we can get them from you!
  • We also collect them when classes are in session at either of our co-op locations.
  • It’s not just cereal! Click here to see all the eligible products

Who are we? We are Alliance for the Pursuit of Knowledge, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission of providing quality, inclusive, affordable learning opportunities for the community at large. We currently coordinate two homeschool co-ops, a community music ensemble, and field trips for families in the community. We have created a collaborative alliance with Hillsborough Department of Parks and Recreation, the American Sewing Guild, and Gannon University to create unique opportunities for those who want to pursue knowledge, and aim to continue building relationships throughout the community. Follow our page on Facebook or email us for more information at:


Spring 2019 Registration: Feedback Wanted & Classes Update

Whew! We made it! Today was the day we opened registration for returning families, and we have been in touch with everyone who has reached out, letting us know about the good and the challenges they faced when trying to register. 

Each semester we add more classes, more families, more information, and more details to our instructions and F.A.Q.’s and some processes change. We are very happy to receive all of your feedback and try our very best to respond almost immediately, but there are still circumstances where not everyone gets what they really wanted. 

We want to have all of your feedback in one location so that we can refer to it as we prepare the portal for the Fall and subsequent seasons. We thank you for your patience, understanding, and willingness to get in touch with us so that we can help resolve issues. If you have a chance, we encourage you to follow this link and fill out the form with feedback. Feel free to include the good, the bad, and anything in between. We want to make this as easy as possible and prepare for the continuous growth we have been experiencing.

While you fill out the form, we do hope you will keep a few things in mind:

  1. There is nothing we want more than to be able to guarantee a spot to all families that are interested in our classes! That will continue to be our ultimate goal. However, we have a multitude of restrictions that make it difficult to do so. For one, we don’t have a lot of space available, and the time slots we have available for classes are limited. Secondly, our classes rely 100% on volunteers – if we don’t have enough volunteers to fill all the available spots, we will not force anyone to teach and those spots will remain unused. 
  2. We will be actively looking into alternate registration sites for future sessions. While Jumbula has been a great site during our beginning stages, it seems we may need an alternative route in the future as we grow. However, every website we use will have its pros and cons, and it will be a learning process for everyone involved – especially for us, the organizers!
  3. Please don’t hesitate to let us know any issues you had, but please understand it is also very helpful to know what things work well so that we can be sure to continue using them.
  4. Feel free to use as much detail as you’d like!

This link will take you to the registration feedback form

Spring 2019 Classes Update!

Please note: If the classes you wanted are already full, we strongly encourage you to sign up for the waitlist!

Brandon Spring 1:

  • Beginning Sign Language (Season C) (4-8y.o.; PreK-2nd grade): 1 SPOT LEFT
  • Crazy 8s Math Club (4-8y.0.; K-2nd grade): 1 SPOT LEFT
  • Littles Literacy (3-5y.o.; PreK-K): 3 SPOTS LEFT
  • Nutrition and the American Food Supply (4th-8th grade; 9-14y.o.): 6 SPOTS LEFT

Brandon Spring 2: 

  • Beginning Earth Science (1st – 3rd grade; 6-9y.o.): 1 SPOT LEFT
  • Introduction to the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and United States Government (6th grade and up; 11y.o. and up): 18 SPOTS LEFT
  • Readers Theater (2nd-4th grade; 7-10y.o.): 1 SPOT LEFT

Brandon Extended:

  • Ancient Civilizations (4th grade and up; 9y.o. and up): 1 SPOT LEFT

Gardenville Spring 1:

  • 3D Art (7-12y.o.; 2nd-6th grade): 2 SPOTS LEFT
  • Intro to Economics (5th grade and up; 10y.o. and up): 4 SPOTS LEFT
  • LEGO Builders (4th-8th grade; 10-13y.o.): 1 SPOT LEFT
  • Preschool Prep (3-5y.o.; Prek – K): 5 SPOTS LEFT
  • Upcycle Crafts (11y.o. – teens; 6th grade and up): 6 SPOTS LEFT

Gardenville Spring 2:

  • Community Volunteers (6y.o. to teens; 1st grade and up): 7 SPOTS LEFT
  • Improving Vocabulary with Greek/Latin Words (5th grade and up; 10y.o. and up): 10 SPOTS LEFT
  • LEGO Builders (1st-3rd grade; 6-9y.o.): 5 SPOTS LEFT
  • LEGO Builders (4th-8th grade; 10-13y.o.): 4 SPOTS LEFT

Gardenville Extended:

  • Spanish Grammar (3rd grade and up; 9y.o. and up): 3 SPOTS LEFT
  • Littlest Learners (under 4 y.o.): 3 SPOTS LEFT

Be sure to read our F.A.Q.s ahead of time! It has very important and useful information on how to navigate the registration portal!!!

Registration Details (Dec 2018)

There are two seasons for which we will be opening registration. Please take note of the dates registrations and classes will occur, and follow links for more information about classes and workshops:

  • Winter 2018 Season
  • Spring 2019 Season
    • Brandon: Spring 1, Spring 2, and Extended Spring Sessions
      • Classes Begin January 15, 2019
      • Registration Link: click here
      • Registration Opens November 26th for Returning Families (you will receive an email with passwords Nov 26th at 8a.m.)
      • Registration Opens for Everyone December 3rd, 2018
    • Gardenville: Spring 1, Spring 2, and Extended Spring Sessions
      • Classes Begin January 17th, 2019
      • Registration Opens November 26th for Returning Families (you will receive an email with passwords)
      • Registration Opens for Everyone December 3rd, 2018

Dec 4th, 2018: Mama Cloth Workshop (All Ages)

This workshop is for moms and young girls who already know about menstruation.



  • Discuss conventional products and why cloth is better for your health and the environment.
  • Explore the anatomy of a pad (topper, core, backer, gusset, etc.), the different fabrics that are used and which work best for different situations, shapes, lengths, absorbencies, the care for pads including wet and dry storage and wet bags (to use when you are away from home).
  • Discuss other safe alternatives such as cups, sea sponges, crocheted tampons, etc.
  • Talk about where to buy, the expense, and how to make your own patterns and sew your own pads.
  • Discuss the FDA regulations that make it difficult for makers to sell here in the US, where you can buy them, and why you should support small businesses run by WAHMs (work at home moms) when you can.



  • “What if a dad wanted to bring his daughter? Can he attend the class with his daughter?”

Dads are absolutely welcome and I would love to see some there!! 

  • “What if a daughter wanted to attend but the mom or dad couldn’t be in the room?  Do you feel that the child needs to have a parent in the room? Is there an age requirement where they could be in the room without a parent in there? The parent is still required to stay on-site but if they have other children that they didn’t think it would be appropriate for, could the daughter still attend?” 

As far as content goes, I’m comfortable with children of all ages attending the class, with or without a parent. However, I do ask, if they are there for the benefit of the class (not as a tag along) that they at least know what menstruation is, even in general terms, as I am not planning on explaining it in class.  

  • “What if mom wanted to attend with daughter but also has a son? Can the son be in the room for the class? Is there an age requirement where they can up to a certain age or past a certain age?”

My kids have known about menstruation and they’ve been handling cloth pads since my son was 3. I think it’s just as important for men/boys to know about healthy options as it is for females. This issue impacts our reproductive health as a society and the environment, so I don’t see it as a female only issue. Boys or all ages are welcome as well. 


Ages: All ages, but students should understand menstruation as we won’t cover that in this class. (BOTH ADULTS AND KIDS ATTENDING THE WORKSHOP MUST REGISTER)

Class size: 20 max

Class fee (pay on-site): $1.00 per participant (both kids and adults)


Class supply fee (payable to the instructor): NONE. The instructor will provide info via a PowerPoint presentation that can then be shared via email to those interested in having a copy.

Date: December 4th, 2018

Time: 10:00a.m. – 11:30a.m.

Location: Brandon Community Center, 502 E. Sadie Street, Brandon, FL

IMPORTANT Announcements, & Spring 2019 PREVIEW!

In this Blog Post:

#1: IMPORTANT Announcements, including:

  • Fundraising (NEW Fundraiser Coordinator – Suzette Foister, BoxTops, Amazon Smiles)
  • Field Trips
  • Domain Name
  • Information about the two sites where we have classes (Brandon and Gardenville)
  • Meet-and-greet
  • Spring 2019 Registration dates
  • Spring 2019 calendar

#2: Spring 2019 Class preview link!

#1: IMPORTANT Announcements


New Fundraising Coordinator: Suzette Foister

We are proud to announce that we have a Fundraiser Coordinator. We give a big thanks to Suzette Foister for stepping up to the job. She has already started and is doing her best to do as much as she can. You will see posts from her as you already have concerning various efforts that she is starting. Once again, thank you Suzette for stepping up and helping in such an important way.

Box Tops:44598520_10112692541507010_6364350777653198848_n

We are accepting Box Tops! We get 10 cents for every box top you bring in! It’s not just cereal boxes, there are many products that have the BoxTops coupon! Check out their list of participating products by clicking here!

Amazon Smiles:

If you shop on PLEASE DO YScreen Shot 2018-11-15 at 12.03.15 AM.pngOUR SHOPPING THROUGH AND select The Alliance for the Pursuit of Knowledge as your charitable organization and it will donate .5% of all purchases to us! click here and your purchases will help fund our programs!

If anyone else knows of anything that we can do to raise money, please let us know!

Field Trips:

Parents are more than welcome to create field trips on our co-op facebook page.

Domain Name:

We have a domain name! (website coming soon!)

Gardenville site: (6215 Symmes Rd., Gibsonton, FL)

The parks department has decided to move around some of the rooms at the site over the break. We will still have access to three classrooms as well as a parent waiting area just a few of the rooms will be relocated.

Brandon site: (502 E. Sadie St, Brandon, FL)

  • The Homeschool Learning Co-Op is listed as a special interest program with the Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation Department. This agreement allows us to organize and offer classes to the community at an extremely discounted rate. We do not lease the space. We pay a small fee per child to use the space. Prior to the Fall 2018 semester we had been utilizing space in the smaller building at Brandon Park however the Parks Department has decided to lease out the smaller building rather than use it for their own programming or for their special interest programs (such as our Homeschool Learning Co-Op). So it is with great sadness that we must report that we will not be moving back into the smaller building for our classes and rather will continue to use the rooms in the larger building just as we did for Fall 2018.
  • The Homeschool Learning Co-Op in partnership with the American Sewing Guild and Brandon Park will be offering an Advanced Sewing class on Mondays at 10 AM in the Spring. We are still finalizing details so keep a lookout for additional information on this wonderful program.

Both Locations:

  • Beginning Spring 2019, we will have a new sign in and out process. More details will be shared before the start of the new semester.
  • Meet and greets:
    • Brandon – Jan. 8th – 10am
    • Gardenville – Jan. 10th – 10am
  • Registration dates:
    • Teacher registration is Monday November 19th, 2019
    • Returning families the week of the 26th
    • Open to everyone the week of Dec. 3rd
  • Brandon Spring 1
    • Tuesdays Jan 15th – Mar 5th @ Brandon Community Center
    • Presentation Day: Thursday Mar 14th @ Gardenville Rec Center
  • Brandon Spring 2
    • Tuesdays Mar 26th – May 21st @ Brandon Community Center
    • Presentation Day: Thursday May 30th @ Gardenville Rec Center
  • Brandon Spring EXTENDED Session
    • Tuesdays Jan 15th – Mar 5th @ Brandon Community Center
    • Mid-Semester Presentation Day: Thursday Mar 14th @ Gardenville Rec Center
    • Tuesdays Mar 26th – May 21st @ Brandon Community Center
    • Final Presentation Day: Thursday May 30th @ Gardenville Rec Center
  • Gardenville Spring 1
    • Thursdays Jan 17th – Mar 7th @ Gardenville Rec Center
    • Presentation Day: Thursday Mar 14th @ Gardenville Rec Center
  • Gardenville Spring 2
    • Thursdays Mar 28th – May 23rd @ Gardenville Rec Center
    • Presentation Day: Thursday May 30th @ Gardenville Rec Center
  • Gardenville Spring EXTENDED Session
    • Thursdays Jan 17th – Mar 7th @ Gardenville Rec Center
    • Mid-Semester Presentation Day: Thursday Mar 14th @ Gardenville Rec Center
    • Thursdays Mar 28th – May 23rd @ Gardenville Rec Center
    • Final Presentation Day: Thursday May 30th @ Gardenville Rec Center

Presentation day is our day to come together as a community of families to support our kids and see the work they’ve done. This day includes a project expo where kids can display and talk about their projects, presentations/performances by select classes, and important announcements from your organizers. This is also the day to pick up student certificates. Everyone is encouraged to attend for the entirety of the Presentation day if possible (average 2 hours in the morning. You will also receive details in a sign-up link where we will ask you to RSVP.

#2: Spring 2019 CLASS PREVIEW


Spring 2019 Preview click here


Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 7.37.18 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-19 at 7.37.33 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-19 at 7.38.05 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-19 at 7.38.20 PM

HOW OUR PRICING WORKS (3 different fees):

1) Class Fee (you pay it on Jumbula when you complete your registration): Our class fees are non-refundable. This is how we pay for the location and operating costs. The price is $1 per class per child.

For example:

If you register one child for one class in Spring 1, you would  pay $9 through the Jumbula portal because it’s a 9-week session.

if you register one child for one class in one of the EXTENDED sessions, you would pay $18 through the Jumbula portal because it’s an 18-week session. 

2) Materials Fee (you pay that to the teacher before or on the first day of class): This fee is different for each class, so please read descriptions carefully. This goes directly to the teacher to help him/her pay for copies, materials, etc.

3) (NEW) Session Administration Fee: Due to the increase in operating costs for the co-op, a $5 per child, per session fee will be implemented starting with Spring 2019 registration.  This fee will be invoiced in early December (an invoice will be emailed separately from your payment on your registration portal).

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.01.26 PM



Please Read – Co-op Changes are Happening

Our wonderful community continues to grow which is so exciting and increases the potential for many more programs and opportunities. We are in our 3rd year of classes and, as we grow, so do our expenses.
So far, we have been able to keep the price of the classes down thanks to an agreement that we have with the Hillsborough Parks & Rec. Department.
They classify our co-op classes as a special interest group and charge us 30% of the class fees. This has allowed us to keep the fees low, but it does not allow us to obtain our own space at these rates, something we desperately need in order to meet the growing demand!
However, we are grateful for the space we are granted by the parks, and the rate they charge us is something we have not been able find anywhere else.
We are also able to keep the prices low because EVERYONE volunteers their time (including us, the board members of the Alliance for the Pursuit of Knowledge, Inc., which is the non-profit that we created, responsible for both co-ops and other programs).
Due to our growth, we face the necessity of purchasing liability insurance.
After many conversations with insurance brokers, we were under the impression we had budgeted to save enough to cover what we had been originally quoted: approximately $1700 annually.
Unfortunately, once the formal application process was started, we were informed that the initial quotes were incorrect and that the policy cost would be $3200.
We are now in communication with other agents to see if we can find a more affordable solution, but we need to be prepared to budget for the $3200.
In order to pay for liability coverage, we have to raise approximately $1500 by January 1st. While registration is coming up, that money will not be sufficient to cover the cost of insurance and our operation cost until our next registration period in July.
Since it is important to have the insurance in place Jan 1st 2019, and still have the funds to pay the county and operation costs, it is important we have funds available by the end of December…just 1 1/2 months away.
There are fundraising opportunities and people are able to make donations to us since we are an official 501c3 non-profit organization.
Some of the fundraising that we have already signed up for is Box Tops for Education, and Amazon Smiles.
While these are easy ways to contribute, there is still a delay in obtaining the money (we have raised about $50 in Box Tops, but we will not get the money until April 2019).
Another source we are counting on is a donation from Anita Morales, she has saved any additional funds that she received from Crystal Springs classes to donate to the Alliance.  She estimates that it will be close to $100.

Due to the increase in operating costs for the co-op, a $5 per child per session fee will be implemented starting with Spring 2019 registration.  

This fee will be invoiced in early December (an invoice will be emailed separately from your payment on your registration portal).

Should we be able to raise sufficient funds through fundraising and donations between now and then, we may be able to reduce this administrative fee.  However we will need the support of all co-op members in fundraising efforts and donations.

With this, we will be looking for one or two people to help us with this effort in the role of fundraising coordinators. If you think you can help, please let us know.
We are open to all suggestions.  We are an open book and if you have any questions, please ask.  We know we have a variety of people here with a variety of connections.  If anyone can help us with anything, please let us know.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
The board members of the Alliance for the Pursuit of Knowledge, Inc.:
Anita Morales
Dawn Ivey
Marion Haase
Teresa Beebe

Spring 2019 Supervisor (sign-up form)

Sign up to volunteer as Site Supervisor, click here!

Please read the job description for this volunteer position. If you feel you qualify then please fill out the form completely. We will be in touch once we have received all the forms.

Job Description:
– Be responsible for each attendance card for each class. Cards must be handed to teachers prior to class and received back immediately after class. Verify card has been completed for the day.
– Make sure setup and break down crews complete their tasks.
– Be responsible for first aid kit (not to administer but to hand to parents if anything is needed).
– Assist teachers while they are teaching, by ensuring their children make it to their classes.
– Act as initial point of contact for teachers if they have an issue in their classroom while teaching.
– Be on site during the whole co-op day (15 mins prior to start of first classes, remain until everything is put back in its place).
– Must be able to be fully focused on co-op responsibilities. So, if the site supervisor has kids that are not in classes, must have another parent responsible for them during those times.
– Cannot be a teacher at the site that you want to be the site supervisor.
– Assist in preparation for presentation day (communication with teachers, signup genius)

As site supervisor, you will be able to register for classes at the same time as the teachers for the site you are supervising.


– Must be available to do an online or in person interview with one or more of the board members

Teacher Meeting: Since we have already had the teacher meeting, you will have to do a makeup session which can be online or in person.

Sign up to volunteer as Site Supervisor, click here!

We NEED YOUR HELP: Site Supervisors Needed for Spring 2019

We’ve had some feedback, questions and concerns regarding the Site Supervisor volunteer position. We hope our answers give you some new insight and inspire you to lend us a hand!


Why-Pic“Why do you need Site Supervisors?”

We – the 4 organizers – have been taking on this job from day 1, in addition to all the other responsibilities we do ON A DAILY BASIS, day and night as volunteers. We ensure everything runs smoothly, splitting the work amongst the four of us. But our growth has been exponential and we have come to realize we need to delegate some duties to keep up with our growing list of responsibilities. We anticipate at least DOUBLE the work staring in the Spring 2019. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

“5 hours is too much!”manage-time

Trust us. We understand it’s a big chunk of time. Rest assured, you will not be alone, at least one of us will always be present, and the work is minimal. This position is a great fit for someone whose child(ren) would be in classes all day anyway, and we can ensure your child(ren) get into all the necessary classes by giving you priority registration.



A day in the life of a site supervisor:

8:45am: Pull up to the location and you’ll see other families ready to help setup. You’ll be greeted by teachers eager to set up their classrooms and share their knowledge, and the kids from these families will be happy to help and play with your kids!

9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm: Classes start, things quiet down, your child(ren) skips to class, you sit down and can get some of your work done, read a book, make art…basically use this time as your own but keep yourself available for anything that might be needed. An organizer will be running around getting things done and you can always reach her with any questions or needs from any of the families, but families will know you are a consistent point-of-contact.

9:50am, 10:50am, 11:50am, 12:50pm: Kids transition to other classes, families leave and arrive. Ten minutes of activity between classes.

1:30pm: Time to start cleaning up common areas. You go to the waiting area and find families eager and ready to help clean up. Cleanup happens in less than 10 minutes with so many helping hands!

1:50pm: Classes are over. The day is done, kids are happy and filled with ideas and knowledge, and everyone is grateful for your time and availability to help! We couldn’t do it without you!


“Can’t we break it up into smaller windows of time?”

More volunteers means more background checks which is a cost we cannot afford at this time. However, if you think you can fulfill some of the time, please contact us. At this point any help will make a difference!


“But, teachers don’t work for 5 hours at-a-time…”

Correct. Most teachers don’t block out 5 hours of their day to volunteer. Instead, they block out hours of their time throughout their week to plan a syllabus, budget for materials, go shopping for materials (sometimes voluntarily paying out-of-pocket to keep material fees low), spend time putting materials together, prepare the night before for class, arrive early to set up for class, build rapport with each child, show our children the care and attention they would for their own children, shape minds in positive ways, create a fun and engaging environment, nurture learning and cater to individual needs, and the list goes on. It’s difficult to quantify what teachers are doing for our kids as volunteers.

4ab766c21921df310245ad5ddeaf625fConversely, site supervisors are a key component of our co-operative effort, and we cannot do this without your help. Although your work is not the same of what a teacher would do, it’s equally important and vital to our effort to provide quality, affordable and inclusive learning opportunities to our community.

Spring 2019: Status Update, AND Volunteers Needed

  1. Spring 2019: STATUS UPDATE

    • Teacher Meeting Wednesday October 17th, 2018. During this meeting we will be able to verify with our wonderful volunteer teachers the schedule of classes, room assignments, and all the other items we need to address.
    • Brandon & Gardenville total classes = 42! (Spring 2018 we had 18 classes! Way to go Volunteer Teachers!!). Here’s the breakdown:
      • Brandon 17 classes:
        • 7 classes Spring 2019 Session 1.
        • 7 classes Spring 2019 Session 2.
        • 3 classes Spring 2019 Extended Session.
      • Gardenville 26 classes:
        • 3 classes Spring 2019 Extended Session.
        • 11 classes Spring 2019 Session 1.
        • 12 classes Spring 2019 Session 2.
    • We are finalizing the schedule of classes with the teachers and will hopefully be finished by end of October and we estimate that registration will open up in November.
  2. We are in great need of volunteer supervisors for our two co-op locations!

If you are interested, want to learn more about the opportunity, have questions, etc, we highly encourage you to attend the teacher’s meeting Oct 17th, 2018, 1-3pm in Brandon (email us for details about location:

We need 4 volunteers:

  • Brandon Spring 1: Tuesdays January 15th – March 12th, 2019, 8:45am-2:00pm.
  • Brandon Spring 2: Tuesdays March 26th – May 28th, 2019, 8:45am-2:00pm (no classes April 2nd, 2019).
  • Gardenville Spring 1: Thursdays January 17th – March 14th, 2019, 8:45am-2:00pm.
  • Gardenville Spring 2: Thursdays March 28th – May 23rd, 2019, 8:45am-2:00pm.

PERK: If you meet the qualifications to be a site supervisor, you will get to register with the teachers for the site where you would volunteer! This opens up opportunities to volunteer without having to teach, and you get first dibs at registration time!

Job Description:
– Be responsible for each attendance card for each class. Cards must be handed to teachers prior to class and received back immediately after class. Verify card has been completed for the day.
– Make sure setup and break down crews complete their tasks.
– Be responsible for first aid kit (not to administer but to hand to parents if anything is needed).
– Act as initial point of contact for teachers if they have an issue in their classroom while teaching (an organizer will always be available to respond to any issue, but if we are not at the front desk, we need someone to be the first point of contact who can relay the information to us as soon as possible).
– Be on site during the whole co-op day (15 mins prior to start of first classes, remain until everything is put back in its place).
– Must be able to be fully focused on co-op responsibilities. So, if the site supervisor has kids that are not in classes, must have another parent responsible for them during those times.
– Cannot be a teacher at the site that you want to be the site supervisor.
– Assist in preparation for presentation day (communication with teachers, signup genius).
– Undergo the mandatory background check (paid for by the Alliance).
– Be available for an interview with the organizers.

Plant the Seed of Knowledge: Submit Your Class Idea! (Friday deadline)



Click here to see the knowledge our wonderful volunteer teachers have shared with the kids!

Here’s what they have to say about their experience teaching:

Jenga during Jugando Aprendemos, a Spanish class with an emphasis on games to learn Spanish! Led by Ms. Marion Haase

“Being a volunteer educator with BLHC has been an amazing and rewarding experience. It has been very well organized yet low pressure and a comfortable environment. The administration has been extremely supportive and helpful. I do not have any complaints in my 2 years of teaching and look forward to continuing hosting classes!” 

-Lauren Giordano (Art of Reading 2017-2018, Charting and Graphing 2018, Crazy 8s Math Club 2018)


Samples from Ms. Suzette Foister’s Art Class


“Sharing my passion and knowledge with students has been awesome.  I love seeing their excitement and enthusiasm when learning becomes fun, and feel I get as much from the classes as the kids.  They teach me things too.”

-Judi Quinn (Nifty Fifty U.S. Geography 2018, Westward Ho U.S. Geography 2018, Creative Writing 2018, We the People 2018, Where in the World? 2018, Data Probability & Statistics 2018)


Crazy 8s Math Club is always fun with Ms. Jennifer Gabot!

“I would say I’m not a natural at this, don’t know everything about my topic, and sometimes get tongue tied and say the wrong things from what I meant.  If I can do this, then anyone can!  It’s a fulfilling adventure!!”

Cindy Green (Intermediate Conversational Spanish 2018)