Spring 2017 Presentations!

Time has flown by! We have just finished our sixth week of classes.  We have two more weeks left!

The students will be presenting what they’ve learned on our last day.

The presentations on February 28th will take place at 9:30-11:30.  We would like everyone to arrive between 9:15am and 9:25am.

Feel free to invite extended family and friends so they can see the kids, too!  After the presentations,  we will be having refreshments,  so please contact us to let us know how many will be attending.  

pumpkinOctober 2016 Co-op Update!

In this post:

  1. No classes Thursday October 27th
  2. Last day of class is November 17th (presentation day!)
  3. Plans for Spring 2017 (Please take the survey, we need your input!)


1.We are going into our fifth week of classes.  We would like to thank everyone for joining us in our first semester.   All of the kids have been great and participating in the classes.

As a reminder, we will not having class on October 27th.


2. Change of schedule for our last day of class on November 17th (9:30-11:00)  

In each class, the kids are getting ready to do a presentation so we thought it would be great if they can show off their accomplishments to all the kids and their families.

biomes class presentations will start at 9:30

inventors club at 10:00

music class at 11:00.

Please try to come between 9:15 and 9:25, so we can get started at 9:30 and give our kids our full attention.   After the presentations,  we will be having refreshments,  so please reply with how many will be attending.


3. Please take the time to fill out this very short survey (if you plan on registering in the Spring 2017)

August 2016 UPDATE

We are so excited to start our very first class semester! It’s been a lot of hard work, but we are sure it will be a lot of fun and beneficial to so many families (including our own)!

We have a few things to inform you about:

  1. The class start date has changed: classes will begin September 22nd and end November 17th, 2016.
  2. You will be receiving an email from your child’s/children’s teacher(s) no later than mid-September. This will have information about the class, expectations, contact information, and will open up the lines of communication so that you can ask your teachers any questions that come to mind.
  3. There will be no class October 27th.

Thank you all for making this a reality!

Photo by Pineapples

June 15th, 2016: Last day to register for classes!

1202479_origBiomes, inventors, finance, music, and Spanish. These are the classes we are offering for our inaugural semester of classes (Fall 2016)!

Here is a compilation of some of the questions that have been asked (if you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!):

1. How many kids will be in the High School Finance class?

Since the class involves group discussion and such, the minimum is set at 5. The max is 12. If you are interested in the class, please register! Any class that doesn’t meet its minimum by the registration deadline will be cancelled, anyone who signed up will be immediately notified and will be refunded.

2. I would like to join 2 classes but they overlap by 5 mins. Would it be OK to join both?

If you are ok with that overlap, it isn’t a problem. The classes are in the same building and not far from each other at all. As long as the student coming in a few minutes late is not disruptive and can jump right in, it should be fine.

3. Does it cost anything?

There is a one-time $5 registration fee for each class (payable to the co-op), and then an additional one-time material’s fee that will be collected at the end of the registration period (after June 15th), which will be collected by the instructor when he/she contacts you. This fee is different for each class and can be found in the class descriptions.

4. Is the finance class only for high-school? Can younger kids be in the class?

Yes, this class is intended for kids 14 and up, but if you feel your child is appropriate for a high school finance class, please let us know! As homeschoolers, we know that age isn’t a determinant of knowledge or ability. The age groups and grade levels we used to classify the classes have been used to provide an idea of the “target audience” for the class. But we are more than happy to work with you in order make accommodations that would be best for the student, so please contact us!


5. The music class doesn’t say what age group is eligible. I don’t know if my child would be too old, too young, or “not talented”.

Music lends itself to many levels of challenging experiences. In an ensemble, you need some basic (easier) beats/melodies and you also need more complex rhythmic patterns, melodies, and harmonies. It’s a whole spectrum of difficulties and ease. However, although this class is not for any specific age group, it does have a few prerequisites: 1) the ability to pay attention, 2) the ability to follow directions, 3) respect for self and others, 4) know all numbers and letters.

As for the talent part – Music as we know it is a human phenomenon. Everyone has a musician within.

6. Do parents have to provide instruments for the music class?

Marion (the instructor) will bring a wide variety of musical instruments for the class to use. Side note: parents might be asked to join in too!

7. Your classes are very affordable, but I have multiple kids and it adds up!

The co-op admin fee basically covers the administrative costs (a percentage of the admin fee goes to the facility, there is a cost when collecting money – sometimes we are charged, and the co-op’s registration fees that we pay the county. If any money is left, it is saved in case we need extra materials for classes, for any other administrative expense, etc. The materials fees cover the most basic materials we will use in the class (it is likely many of the materials might be paid for out-of-pocket by the instructor).

The instructors are not making money. The time we have devoted to the development of the co-op, and developing the classes, teaching the classes, setup, clean up, etc etc has been carved out from our busy schedules without any compensation.

We don’t require parents to do volunteer, so we rely on any open spots our schedules (usually at the wee hours of the night) and any monetary help we can get from the fees.

Parents willing to help in any way are highly encouraged to do so! We are all in this together. Homeschooling can be difficult, but we are trying to create a community that provides support, interesting and stimulating classes, and a shared love for learning.